Curriculum Vitae-Xiaofei Wang


Curriculum Vitae

Wang Xiaofei


ADD:        7-401-3, Lane 28, Tieling Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai Phone:        +86 13070193333





2021.07- present        Project Management Professional, 5A (PMP, US)

2018.10- present        Fund Qualification Certificate (Securities + PE, AMAC, CN)

2018.10- present        Internationally Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM, US) 2017.10-present        Internationally Certified Passive Housing Designer (PHI, DE)

2014.10- present        Registered Urban Planner in China




2020.09- present        TONGJI UNIVERSITY, CHINA

College of Architecture and Urban Planning PhD student, major in Urban Planning

Research Fields: Low-carbon sustainable development, Smart city


2014.07-2019.05        TIANJIN UNIVERSITY, CHINA

School of Architecture Master, major in Architecture

Research Fields: Intelligent building, Green building Monitor, school party host, member of provincial chorus



College of Architecture and Urban Planning Bachelor, major in Urban Planning

League branch secretary, school party host, best debater in debate competition




2017.07- 2017.08        International Marine Environmental Protection Volunteer in Malaysia With a diving certificate certified by PADI (2017.07)

2017.04- 2017.04        Liaison officer of Sino-Australian Business Week in Beijing


2016.07- 2016.08        International Volunteer for Education, Science and Culture Exchange in Sri Lanka







1.       International Cooperation Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.72061137071). Inclusive circular economy construction: Urban Smart Waste Reduction Cooperative network, 2020.01-2024.12.

2.       Project of Shanghai Science and Technology Bureau for smart City. CIM (City Information Modeling) management and application demonstration for all scenarios based on digital twin technology, 2021.05

3.       Key Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.71533004). Research on Ecological Community Construction and Urban Ecological Integrated Management Mechanism, 2016-2020.

4.       Key Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.71533004). Research on Ecological Community Construction and Urban Ecological Integrated Management Mechanism/ Ecological Environmental Impact and management methods of living consumption in typical Urban Communities, 2016-2020.

5.       Classification of Project (Grant No. 2016YFC0502800), "Research on typical fragile Ecological Restoration and Protection", key special project "Ecological Security Technology of Urban agglomeration in the Pearl River Delta", 2016-2020.




1.       The Development Strategy and Planning Consultation of the Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone in Jiangbei District of Ningbo City, 2015

2.       Special research on Circular Economy of the Ecological Civilization Construction in Yinzhou District, Ningbo, 2015.

3.       Planning research on the Ecological Civilization Construction and Circular Economy Development in Fenghua City, 2015.

4.       Ecological Civilization Construction Plan of Yanqing County, Beijing, 2013.


5.       Circular economy Development Plan under the guidance of Ecological Civilization in Baoting County, Hainan Province, 2013.

6.       Yangzhou Environmental Protection Science and Technology Industry Park Development Plan, 2013.

7.       Ecological construction planning of Wulong County, Chongqing, 2012.






1.       2018.04-2020.06, Co-edited the China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization "Technical regulations for the Application of fabricated Thermal Insulation and Decoration Integrated exterior Wall" (CECS [2017] No. 031), published the draft for soliciting opinions in November 2019 and passed the final examination in June 2020. Editor- in-chief: China Architectural Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Architectural Science Research Institute Co., Ltd.





1.       Wang Xiaofei (first author)., Hu Yike, 《全球街道设计指南》 ("Global Street Design Guide"), published by Jiangsu Phoenix Science and Technology Publishing Housein July 2018.

2.       Wang Xiaofei (first author), Hu Yike,《WOW 事务所作品/世界知名建筑事务所作品集》 (Founded by Harvard University graduates, "WOW: EXPERIENTIAL DESIGN FOR A CHANGING WORLD/PORTFOLIO OF WORLD-RENOWNED ARCHITECTURE FIRMS "), published by Jiangsu Phoenix Science and Technology Publishing Housein January 2018.





1.       Wang Xiaofei, exploring the application of 3D printing technology in the field of architecture [J], Engineering and Technology Research, domestic unified serial number: CN44-1727max N, international standard serial number: ISSN2096-2789, 2017.12 (independent author).

2.       Wang Xiaofei, research on the application of the passive houses and energy-saving doors and windows [J], Engineering and Technology Research, domestic unified serial number:


CN44-1727max        N,        international        standard        serial        number:        ISSN2096-2789,        2017.10 (independent author).

3.       Wang Xiaofei, exploring the systematic design of the Zero Energy Consumption Passive Solar House [J], Urban Architecture, domestic unified serial number: CN23-1528pm TU, international standard serial number: ISSN2096-27899pm 2017.02 (independent author).

4.       Wang Xiaofei, opportunities and challenges brought by big data to urban planning[J], Urban Architecture, domestic unified serial number: CN23-1528 TU, international standard serial number: ISSN1673-0232, 2015.05 (independent author).

5.       Wang Xiaofei, Design and implementation of 3D Urban Planning Management System [J], Urban Architecture, domestic unified serial number: CN23-1528 TU, international standard serial number: ISSN1673-0232, 2014.06 (independent author).




1.       Software Copyright: Blockchain-based Big Data Statistical Analysis System for Smart Cities V1.0, No. 2022SRO187317, Inventor: Wang Xiaofei;

2.       Software Copyright: Blockchain-based Enterprise Carbon Emission Standard Management System V1.0, No. 2022SRO187318, Inventor: Wang Xiaofei;

3.       Software Copyright: Blockchain-based Smart City Planning Management System V1.0, No. 2022SRO146049, Inventor: Wang Xiaofei;

4.       Software Copyright: Building life cycle net zero carbon detection and analysis software V1.0, No. 2021R11S1993164, Inventor: Wang Xiaofei;

5.       Software Copyright: ESG investment-based enterprise valuation blockchain operation software V1.0, No. 2021R11S1993049, Inventor: Wang Xiaofei;

6.       Software Copyright: Design and Construction Integration system Software V1.0 based on BIM, No.2019SR1065136, Inventor: Wang Xiaofei;

7.       Practical Patent: A kind of prefabricated thermal insulation decoration combination external wall board function fixed structure, No.201921486378.1, Inventor: Wang Xiaofei.





1. Research and Demonstration of 3D printing building technology, passed the acceptance of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award Judging Committee on 21 August, 2020